Groningen Ontwerpt 2021


sustainable and circular solutions for the innercity of Groningen

Now that the measures regarding covid-19 have been relaxed, we can continue with our third edition of Groningen Ontwerpt. We have planned the design route on Sunday 26 September.

Why Groningen Ontwerpt
In 2050, the Dutch economy must be completely circular: sustainable and based on reuse. Because design can play an important role in solving this problem, House of Design will start in 2018 with a new initiative: Groningen designs. Together with designers, retailers, policy makers and researchers, we work on sustainable and circular solutions for the city of Groningen.

Climate adaptation
Entrepreneurs will work with designers on the theme of climate adaptation. They develop solutions for heat stress, rainwater harvesting, natural sun protection and greening.

We have a nice list of participants in the city center of Groningen.
The linked entrepreneurs and designers are:
Laif & Nuver + Wieke Alberts
Stadscafe Pronk + Ditmar van Dam
Toet + Carolijn Slottje
Antiquarian Berger and de Vries + Tomm Velthuis
Diezijner and Salsashop + Zhenni Tian, Celine Tigelaar

Circular materials
The project started in June with a design pressure cooker in which the participants developed their first concepts. The designers will work with circular materials that we get from the recycling center in Groningen.



Where: city centre of Groningen
When: design route on September 26th
Partners and financial support: Kunstraad Groningen, Het Fonds, Groningen City Club, Hanze Hogeschool, Kleintje Klimaat.