House of Design


House of Design is a platform for professional design. We stimulate the innovative strength of designers and presents this to SMEs, gouvernment and the public. Therefore we initiate and organise projects, national and international. We aim for sustainable and innovative solutions.

House of Design works from the opinion that professional designers have the tools to make the world future proof. Because of their inventiveness they are the base of a sustainable community.

Design nowadays, is more than a product to solve or improve furniture or objects we daily use. It is not to be compared any more with the definitions of design as in the 19th of 20th century. In the 21st century design looks from a different context, is cross disciplines and focused on society.

Design or art, or something in between; we focus on an open approach of design.

Design also has the function to thing about our common future, discuss about issues, to reflect identities, to dwell on our daily culture and to experiment with new technologies.

By organising activities and exhibitions we want to show how design has its role in the development of our cultural heritage of the 21st century and how we can shape our future.

House of Design works from an office in Groningen (the watertower) and from the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden.

  • 'We like to work with House of Design when whe want to connect the creative industries with entrepeneurs. This connection is important for entrepeneurs to experience the possibilities of innovation. For example the use of new materials, product innovation of process innovation.'
    Saskia Bosch - senior adviseur Kamer van Koophandel
  • 'Innovation is a necessary condition for economic growth. Design is inseperable from innovation. House of Design can play an important role in this proces. Especially because House of Design combines design with entrepreneurship. The other key part of innovation.'
    Simon Tijsma - Provincie Friesland



House of Design is located in the renovated watertower at the  Noorderbinnensingel in Groningen. After the renovation in 2013, the tower was named De Bovenkamer van Groningen.

Op de begane grond rondom de watertoren is een extra ruimte gebouwd met hierin twee kantoren. House of Design is hoofdhuurder van de watertoren en zit in een van deze kantoren. De bovenste twee ruimtes zijn te huur voor onder andere bijeenkomsten, feesten en partijen.

Onze partners in de Bovenkamer van Groningen zijn:

Vastgoed Adviesbureau NESK huurt de andere kantoorruimte in de watertoren.

Het Paleis Groningen
Het Paleis Groningen verzorgt de exploitatie van De Bovenkamer Van Groningen. Het Paleis is een cultureel woon- en werkcomplex in het voormalig scheikundig laboratorium van de Rijks Universiteit Groningen.
Klik hier voor meer informatie over de exploitatie van de Bovenkamer van Groningen.

Groninger Monumentenfonds
Het Groninger Monumentenfonds (GMF) is eigenaar van de watertoren. Het GMF behoudt hiermee de unieke skyline van Groningen en waarborgt het behoud van dit unieke, industriële erfgoed.