N361 between wad and city

N361 between wad and city

3 subprojects for on and around the N361 between Groningen and Leens

House of Design has been asked to create an appealing design for three subprojects on and around the N361 between Groningen and Leens. The design must be recognisable and match the surrounding nature and be developed with the involvement of the residents. We tackle this with the designers involved in the Local Manufacturing Site. The province would like to see the vision of the Local Manufacturing Site reflected in the choice of material, working method and image. In doing so, the work must be representative of the heritage of the past and present and provide a glimpse of what is to come. For the aesthetic elements, the Groninger (historical) landscape and the De Ploeg art circle are considered.

Where does it take place
The road N361 from the city of Groningen to Leens. The project consists of three subprojects:
1. Villages Winsum, Adorp and Sauwerd.
2. Cycling route Plus Groningen – Winsum
3. Roundabouts Mensingeweer, Wehe den Hoorn Leens

Contribution House of Design
House of Design is the main contractor and determines the outline and frameworks for the various designs. We involve residents and village interests in the choices and possible implementation.


Photography: Janna Bathoorn


Where: North of Groningen
When: 2020 -2021
Client: Provincie Groningen
Partners: designteam Local Making Place with: Studio Volop, Studio Simone Vermaning, Bloooms, Wiebren Veenstra and Studio MARC together with Eileen Blackmore and Laos landschapsarchitecten.
Tags: local, value chain, circulair design, wad, making place

  • We are happy with this assignment. This enables us to make the vision and working method of the Local Making Place in the Waddenland visible and tangible.
    Eileen Blackmore