Wad of Value

Wad of value

making biobased alternatives to plastic in the Wadden region


Wad of value is a new perennial initiative in which we will develop biobased reusable alternatives for plastic products that often end up in the Wadden Sea. We start by making degradable semi-manufactured products that we can use to make, for example, fishing gloves, boat cushions and food packaging.

Local raw materials
In the coming years various local crops and biopolymers are being researched. For the fishing gloves and boat cushions we work with flax, which is grown in Friesland. We use the long fiber from the flax to make linen. At a later stage, we will also look at the oil and straw. For the food packaging several biodegradable biopolymers are being researched, including those based on sugar beet.

Icon products
Designers draw inspiration from the Wadden region – people and nature – and design multi-use products. With these icon products we make the transition to a plastic-free Wadden region transparent and tangible for both entrepreneurs and consumers.

Inclusive value chains
To manufacture these products we organize local and inclusive value chains that offer people a perspective of work, are good for the environment and fit in the transition to a circular economy. With local stakeholders in the field of raw materials, production, knowledge, education and the market, we work together on a manufacturing industry, which can also be used for other biobased products.

Open innovation
We share the end results, knowledge and experience with the workfield, nationally and internationally, by means of design pressure cookers, a symposium and a toolkit with examples of circular business models.

Model region
In the coming years, we want to make the Wadden region an example region, where economy, nature and tourism are in balance. Where we use the space, local raw materials, knowledge and talent to make appealing products with respect for people, animals and the environment and for which there is a demand.


Where: Wadden region
implementation from 2021 (development 2018-2020)
House of Design, Ecoras, TCNN, Vanhulley, It Erfskip,  Agrarisch Collectief Waadrâne, Van de Bilt zaden en vlas, Enschede Textielstad, Reblend, Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven, Christien Meindertsma, Firda and NHL Stenden Hogeschool.
We work together with Circulair Friesland, fishermen of SOLT,  COOP in Holwerd, Baflo and Uithuizen, Spar Zoutkamp, CIV Lauwersoog and , Schrijfburo Terwisscha&Wagenaar.
Financial support:
Waddenfonds, provincie Groningen, provincie Friesland, gemeente Noardeast-Fryslân.
Project website: www.wadvanwaarde.nl