‘Materials and techniques related to fashion and Mexican culture’

‘Materials and techniques related to fashion and Mexican culture’
24 August 2021 Bertine Aalderen, van

Nienke (Diezijner), Zhen and Jonathan (Salsashop). Photo: Sander van der Bij.

Designer Zhen Tian creates a climate adaptive design for Diezijner and the Salsashop in the Zwanestraat. She uses materials and techniques that are related to fashion and Mexican culture.

Can you briefly describe yourself and your work?
‘I am Zhen Tian, ​​a designer with a dual identity, both Dutch and Chinese. You can also see that in my work and I am also active in both countries. In order to bring both cultures closer together, I create projects, events and forums within the creative industry.’

What assignment are you working on and for which company?
‘I work together with two entrepreneurs in the Zwanestraat: Nynke from Diezijner and Jonathan from Salsashop. We are going to make the exterior of their shop and terrace greener.

Which (waste) material will use and why?
‘The materials and techniques I use are linked to the nature of the companies. Examples include clothes racks with a nod to fashion and oven racks for food. I use weaving or plaiting as techniques, which has a link to the fashion industry (Diezijner) as well as to the culture of Mexico (Salsashop).’

Where do you get your inspiration?
‘I mainly get inspiration from the company itself and also from the street. For example, an architectural interplay of lines, which I translate into graphic drawings and apply in the designs.’

What do you think of the theme of climate adaptation?
“It’s a very interesting topic, big and we cannot ignore it. Climate change around us is so visible that we have to do something about it together. As a designer, I often think about this too. We have actually caused a great deal of damage to the earth over the years, thanks in part to our great designs! This will have to change. It is no longer possible to undo the damage, but if I, as a designer, can lend a hand to repair the damage, I will be happy to do so.’

You can see the end result on Sunday 26 September in the Zwanestraat. Zhen will be present between 12pm and 5pm and will be happy to discuss the design and production process with you. Hopefully we will see you then!

Zhen Tian is the third designer of Groningen Ontwerpt 2021 (Groningen Designs) that we introduce, next up are Carolijn Slottje and Lieve van Meegen.