GO Climate Party at the Vismarkt

GO Climate Party at the Vismarkt
22 September 2021 Marjan

On Sunday 26 September – during Groningen Ontwerpt –  you are most welcome at the GO Climate Party at the Vismarkt.  There is much to see and experience. Be inspired by various climate-adaptive products and possible future scenarios.

> René Notenbomer (photo) and Bram Peters present their climate-smart wall. These are circular stackable flower boxes, made from waste plastic, with which you can easily build a green wall. Handy for greening your terrace, as a fence or as a vertical vegetable garden.
Fill the blocks with fermented green waste substrate and your plants will bloom like never before. They are happy to show you how that works.

> Waterzinnig is a mobile planter made of recycled plastic, designed by student Celine Tiggelaar. A water reservoir supplies the plants with water through a hilly system made of aluminum that allows water to pass through holes and thus moisten the substrate.

> Jan Willem van Kruyssen shows the designs made for Klimare:pair, a cross-border (online) collaboration between young people, citizens, creative professionals, scientific institutions, companies and governments to work together on a climate-friendly, crisis-resistant and liveable city.

> Students ‘OffCourse – speculative design’ from Hanze University of Applied Sciences discuss climate change and possible future scenarios with visitors.

Frisse Flip

> Students Industrial Product Design (IPO) of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences followed a ‘Maka-a-thon’ circular design in September. They are tasked with making climate-smart products for the city.
At the GO Climate Party you can see one of the prototypes chosen by the jury: Frisse Flip!

You can find us on the west/south side of the Vismarkt, near Pronk.