Well thought out design for heat stress

Well thought out design for heat stress
21 September 2021 Marjan

Industrial product design (IPO) students from Hanze University of Applied Sciences attended a three-day Make-a-thon in September about circular design, crafts and climate adaptation. Under the guidance of Eileen Blackmore and Simone Larabi and IPO teachers, they have devised climate-adaptive products for the city and made prototypes.

CYF card set
The students have worked with the Craft Your Future card set. The set contains four cards that they had to apply in their design: craft, technology & trend, circular and a wild card. The prototypes are made of circulair materials that were offered by thrift store GoudGoed.

Jury selection
During the last day, the prototypes were presented to the jury consisting of teachers Gerda Jonker and Marnix Klieefman, entrepreneurs Nanko Brattinga and Pier Tjepkema and researcher Joey Koning from Kenniscentrum Noorderbrood. The jury was very enthusiastic: ‘What a variety and commitment’ – ‘Many functional designs.’ – ‘Well thought out’. The jury selected a top 3 with: 1. Ecoton 2. Frisse Flip 3. Groen Gordijn.

You can see ‘Frisse Flip’ on September 26 at the GO Climate Party on the Vismarkt during Groningen Ontwerpt. The stork has extended its wings wide, providing a nice shaded spot. The jury found it a ‘well thought out and beautifully executed design for heat stress’.

Frisse Flip