‘A fascinating transition that I like to think about as a spatial designer’

‘A fascinating transition that I like to think about as a spatial designer’
24 August 2021 Bertine Aalderen, van

Carolijn and Joanna van Toet. Photo: Sander van der Bij.

Designer Carolijn Slottje creates a climate adaptive design for Toet. The design is made of water packaging and reproducible, which means that more people can easily green a wall in this way.

Can you briefly describe yourself and your work?
‘Personally, I am fascinated by nature and all its biological facets. Within the design office, we design products and installations that give nature an aesthetic role. We also use the positive effect of plants on the indoor climate, the acoustics of a room and the user’s peace of mind. We also conduct research into circular materials and biological effects for new products.”

What assignment are you working on and for which company?
‘I work together with catering company Toet, which specialises in desserts and cakes. It is located at the corner of Folkingestraat and Gedempte Zuiderdiep. Because mainly recycled materials are used in the project, it was decided, in consultation with Toet, to use its own residual flow in the form of beverage packaging.’

Which (waste) material will you use and why?
‘Toet uses a lot of cardboard water packaging from Bar Le Duc. This packaging has an aluminum waterproof layer on the inside and a drainage opening. As a catering company, Toet aims to express accessibility, homeliness and cosiness. Cheerful colours are often used. Because the packaging has the same colourful appearance, it fits in well with the character of the company. An added value of the idea is that the design can be reproduced by customers and passers-by. In this way, more people can easily make a wall greener.”

Where do you get your inspiration?
‘Because this project aims to use materials whereby residual flows are used, the inspiration mainly comes from the SME’s colourful ‘own waste flow’. Many residual flows have a value other than the original use and this is also the case here. My design studio already has a green mindset and that is how this combination of water packaging and plants came about.’

What do you think of the theme of climate adaptation?
‘This is a major theme where the use of more ‘greenery’ by entrepreneurs in the city centre is also a contributing factor. It is an exciting transition that I like to focus on as a spatial designer. Initially, we discovered that the trees that currently grow in this Gedempte Zuiderdiep area offer too little shade. There are sunshades on the terrace, but trees are better because, for example, they provide more cooling via the evaporation of moisture. A flexible form of planting in which rainwater is retained is an interesting design idea that requires further conceptual elaboration. This has resulted in more ideas about adjustments to our urban layout.’

You can see the end result on Sunday 26 September at Toet at the corner of Folkingestraat and Gedempte Zuiderdiep. Carolijn will therefore be present and will be happy to discuss the design and production process with you. Hopefully we will see you then!

Carolijn Slottje is the fourth designer of Groningen Ontwerpt 2021 (Groningen Designs) that we introduce. The next designer is Lieve van Meegen.