we gaan het meemaken

  • Miscanthus Cocon for public areas

    Trainee Rooske van Loon has completed her graduation project. In recent months, she has been researching various applications of miscanthus…

    by Bertine Aalderen, van
  • ‘We are going to make it’ is inspiration on seminar about population decline

    The project ‘We are going to make it‘ was selected as an inspiration for the seminar Van Krimp Naar Kracht.…

  • Sustainability award 2018

    ‘It is about innovation, the connection, the cross over, it is about people.’ What a nice comment from the jury…

  • Expo We gaan het meemaken in the provincial house

    On Tuesday, January 16 2018, the exhibition We gaan het meemaken was opened in the provincial government building. The exhibition…

  • beeld we gaan het meemaken

    Final report We gaan het meemaken

    To conclude the project We gaan het meemaken, we have made a newspaper in which you read more about the…

  • Succesful start of project ‘We gaan het meemaken’

    Good conversations and presentations for a diverse and interested audience – it was a successful day! We have noticed that…