Miscanthus Cocon for public areas

Miscanthus Cocon for public areas
29 May 2019 Bertine Aalderen, van

Trainee Rooske van Loon has completed her graduation project. In recent months, she has been researching various applications of miscanthus (also known as elephant grass).

Miscanthus Cocon
The Miscanthus Cocon is a flexible work and meeting place suitable for public spaces. Users can sit in the cocoon to work, to withdraw or to meet with a small group. It offers a soothing and sound-absorbing environment and thus increases the user’s concentration and sense of control.

Local materials
The product is made entirely in the municipality of Het Hogeland in the province of Groningen and is made from local materials. The most important component is the environmentally friendly miscanthus. Miscanthus is also called a ‘super crop’ because of the high CO2 uptake, and it also has many other positive properties. The felted wool on the inside of the cocoon contributes to sound absorption and is soothing because of the impression of the Groningen landscape that it creates.