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  • fryske trui

    The Frsyke Trui crowdfunding campaign has been successful!

    The crowdfunding campaign for the Fryske Trui (and the vest) has been successful. The target amount has been reached and…

    by Bertine Aalderen, van
  • First circular Fryske sweater

    Eileen Blackmore (House of Design) is one of the initiators of the Fryske Trui, the first circular sweater of Friesland,…

    by Bertine Aalderen, van
  • Made in Fryslan | It Erfskip, souvenirs for Leeuwarden-Friesland cultural capital of Europe

    Until 25 November you can visit the exhibition of It Erfskip in the City Oasis (Public Centre) of LF2018 in…