First circular Fryske sweater

First circular Fryske sweater
10 November 2018 Bertine Aalderen, van
fryske trui

Eileen Blackmore (House of Design) is one of the initiators of the Fryske Trui, the first circular sweater of Friesland, together with It Erfskip.

Design project
Eileen says she had been wondering how It Erfskip could initiate a design project in which demand for flax is generated. ‘Flax is a good crop for crop rotation and it grows well on the Frisian soil. In addition, it has many different applications. You can make linen, linseed, flaxseed oil and linoleum from flax.’

Dutch Design Week
‘I met Ellen Mensink from Loop.alife in the Dutch Design Week in 2016. Loop.alife is a company that works with recycled wool. I asked her if it is possible to mix wool with linen. This is how the idea for the circular Fryske sweater came about! A perfect, sustainable souvenir from It Erfskip. We then started work on the design of the sweater. It has become a wonderful collector’s item made from discarded old wool sweaters and local flax.’

Will you help us to make the production of the first circular Fryske sweater possible? Go to the crowdfunding page and order the men’s sweater or the ladies’ vest. Have you ordered it? Awesome! Let everyone know via social media with a link to the crowdfunding page. Read more about It Erfskip here.