The Frsyke Trui crowdfunding campaign has been successful!

The Frsyke Trui crowdfunding campaign has been successful!
9 January 2019 Bertine Aalderen, van
fryske trui

The crowdfunding campaign for the Fryske Trui (and the vest) has been successful. The target amount has been reached and production can commence. We would like to thank everyone who supported the initiative of It Erfskip and!

Local waste flows
It Erfskip stands for design, circularity, craft and innovation. These are all characteristics that come together in the first circular Fryske sweater. The sweater symbolises the value of local residual flows such as recycled wool, stimulating the local manufacturing industry and biodiversity.

The golden flax sheaves on the land and the way in which the Friesian shawls were worn historically are reflected in a subtle effect on the sleeve of the sweater. The flax is visible in the yarn and gives the sweater a very special look and feel.

The crowdfunding campaign is now closed.
If you are interested in the sweater, you can contact Karin from It Erfskip.