Groningen Ontwerpt (Groningen Designs) 2019

Groningen ontwerpt (Groningen Designs) 2019

design route with circular design in the centre of Groningen


The Dutch economy must be fully circular by 2050: sustainable and based on reuse. Because design can make an important contribution in this respect, House of Design started a new initiative in 2018: Groningen Ontwerpt (Groningen Designs). Together with designers, entrepreneurs, policymakers and researchers, we are working on sustainable and circular solutions for the city centre of Groningen.

This year’s theme is hospitality. Many entrepreneurs prefer to shut their doors in winter and keep the heat inside. However, a closed door is not inviting or hospitable and means fewer visitors.

Visible and tangible
Five entrepreneurs are linked with five designers and they will work together on this theme. In the coming weeks, the designers will be working on (fun) solutions to make the theme visible and tangible and immediately open up various mindsets. The material used is plastic, supplemented with other waste streams from the entrepreneurs.

The couples are:
Sandra de Groot / Atelier Chaos + Verroest
Aniek Kroes + Laif & Nuver
Carmelita Gonesh + Diezijner
Jordy Vijfschaft / Onix + Mary Jane Shoe boutique
Studio Veltrop + HK Living Brand Store

Design route
On Sunday, 3 November we will present the solutions in the design route between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. . The designers will also be present and are happy to discuss the creative process with you. The route will also display local initiatives on reuse and sustainability, among others, Kokotoko, Mr Mofongo, De Groene Stoel and Wadapartja.

During Let’s Gro on Saturday, 2 November on the Grote Markt:
– together with Save Plastic, we are organising a programme for reusing plastic.
– we will present our value chain methodology for the circularity hub that we are developing with the municipality.

In-depth programme
– Together with the BNOord, we are arranging an informative and inspiring evening for entrepreneurs, designers and policy makers on the topic of circular commissioning on Wednesday 20 November.
– We are holding workshops on reuse and circular design for students of Terra MBO in September and October. The results are shown during the design route at Mr Mofongo.


Where: city center Groningen
When: 2 and 3 November 2019
Partners: entrepreneurs city center, gemeente Groningen, GCC, TERRA mbo, BNOord, Hanze Hogeschool Groningen.
Financial support: Het Fonds, gemeente Groningen, Kunstraad Groningen.