‘Give the consumer a clear story’

‘Give the consumer a clear story’
17 October 2019 Bertine Aalderen, van

Designer Aniek Kroes works on a welcome mat for Groningen Designs for Laif & Nuver and HK Living brand store, and on a campaign based on the theme of hospitality. You can see the end result at the store during the design route on Sunday 3 November. GO!

1. Can you briefly describe yourself and your work?
My name is Aniek Kroes and I am currently working as a freelance graphic designer in Groningen. As a designer, I translate a question into a concept and work it out into various means that fit the concept. The work varies from branding to catalogues and can be described as clean & clear, but always with an obstinate twist.

2. On which assignment do you work and for which store?
For the HK Living brand store and Laif & Nuver stores, I work together with Jesper Veltrop on the theme of hospitality (with the doors closed).

3. Which waste material will you work with and why?
For this project we work with a sheet material made from recycled rubber. The sheet material comes from the Groningen countryside and was previously used as a foundation for cows in the stable. The material lends itself well to the product that we want to make. I am mainly concerned with the campaign around this product. This enables us to offer the consumer a clear story. We also try to make the most sustainable choices possible within this campaign. This includes the use of recycled paper.

4. Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get a lot of my inspiration for this assignment from the collaboration. Because we both have different backgrounds in the creative field, we can keep each other focused and our strengths are utilised well. I get my inspiration from different areas. I regularly search through my bookcase and watch what other creatives do. Without losing my individuality. Although I think most of the inspiration comes from everyday things.

5. What do you think of the theme in terms of hospitality (with the doors closed)?
The theme appeals to me because it makes me aware of something that is seen as very “normal” in the street scene. I hope to be able to give this to the public. It is a great challenge to make people aware of this, while at the same time giving the company an attractive appearance when the doors are closed. The interesting thing about this theme is that it is applicable to the two companies, but in addition this project can be scaled up to hopefully many more companies.

Aniek is the fourth designer we introduce. Finally, interior designer Carmelita Gonesh will follow. She creates a design for Diezijner. Keep an eye on our site and socials!

You can read more about the Groningen Designs project here.

Photography: Janna Bathoorn.