‘Inspiration is on the street’

‘Inspiration is on the street’
10 October 2019 Bertine Aalderen, van

Jesper Veltrop makes a special welcome mat from waste material for Groningen Designs, for HKliving Brand Store and Laif & Nuver. Together with graphic designer Aniek Kroes, he is also developing a campaign to draw attention to this year’s theme – in stores and online. You can see the end result at the shops during the design route on Sunday 3 November. GO!

Can you briefly describe yourself and your work?
‘I am Jesper Veltrop, 32 years old and I live in Groningen. I studied interior architecture and spatial design at the Minerva art academy in Groningen. Straight after my studies, I started my own design studio called Studio Veltrop. As a designer I have a fascination for sculptural objects and interventions in public and public spaces. My work consists of creating functional design as well as functional design in the public space. Exploring the boundaries between visual art and functional design comes to me intuitively, but I never lose sight of the context.

‘Studio Veltrop stands for honest and genuine designs made by a down-to-earth resident of Groningen. You can find influences from De Stijl and cubism in my work. Strong abstract forms and materials are the guiding principle in my designs.’

What waste material do you work with and why?
‘For this assignment, I chose to work with a sheet material made from recycled rubber. I combine it with waste material from retailers. Many different elements can be found in this sheet material, in small amounts of course. For example, it contains parts of slippers as well as car tyres and foam rubber. This sheet material is largely used as a base for cows in a barn. I have the plate material from a farmer who wanted to bring these plates to the bulky waste. So it literally comes from the Groningen countryside.’

Where do you get your inspiration from?
‘I find my inspiration in everyday things. As you might sometimes hear: “Inspiration is on the street.” In my case this is very true. It can come from anywhere. When I am asked to work on an assignment, I often get my inspiration from the context of where the project or object is located.’

What do you think of the theme?
‘I have worked in a clothing store for years, so I understand the retailers’ dilemma very well. Keep the doors closed and it stays nice and warm in the store and you do not have to turn up the heating as high, but this attracts fewer customers. Or do you open the doors, resulting in more customers because they feel welcome, but this is a waste of heat and energy. So I think it is a very big and super challenge to make sure the customer feels welcome and no energy is wasted.’

We will also be introducing the other designers who participate in Groningen Design soon.
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You can read more about the Groningen Designs project here.

Photography: Janna Bathoorn.