Hof van Heden Hooghalen

Hof van Heden Hooghalen

innovative options for the cultivation, preparation and processing of food


Through this project we – together with artists and designers – want to make visible and tangible to all generations in the village what the innovative possibilities are in the cultivation, preparation and processing of food. Health and sustainability are important pillars in this.

We make children and young people more aware of the value of what grows and flourishes in their own environment. Together with several generations, the knowledge and experience of growing and processing food is exchanged and made visible, for example by using old techniques, such as preserving and fermenting. The project is therefore not only cultural, but also stimulates social cohesion and also has an educational character.

The project was initiated by the Art & Culture Foundation with House of Design as partner and is being developed in collaboration with residents from Hooghalen, the communal village garden and Duurzaam Hooghalen. The BOKD (Drenthe network of and for active, caring and sustainable villages and village houses) has shared its knowledge with us in the run-up to the project.

The project consists of 3 parts:
1. Working with pigments from plants with pupils of primary school De Bosvlinder in Hooghalen. They will make a final artwork that will take the form of a so-called “harvest map”. In this way, children are introduced to the flora, fauna and soil types in the area. This process is under the direction of textile artist Jolande van Luijk.
2. To exchange knowledge and experience with several generations about growing, processing and preparing food by means of, for example, family and regional recipes and old techniques such as preserving and fermenting. This part will be developed from October by food designer Caro Turlings.
3. A closing event in January wil consist of the presentation of the school project, the products from the intergenerational food project and a joint meal (if possible with Covid-19). The knowledge of the ‘Haolers’ may also create new recipes that can be shared with other residents of the village at the end of the year.


Where: Hooghalen
When: September 2020 – January 2021
Partners: Stichting Kunst&Cultuur, Dorpstuin Hooghalen en OBS Bosvlinder.