Local Making Place

Local Making Place

circular value chains in the Wadden area


Together with  De Graanrepubliek in Bad Nieuweschans, de Holm in Den Andel and Werkplein Ability, House of Design is investigating the possibilities of circular value chains around a number of raw materials in the Waddenarea in the province of Groningen.

New business models
The agricultural and fishing sector is now primarily focused on the food & feed market. By supplementing this with a product market, we create opportunities for new revenue models. We investigate the possibilities of algae, seaweed, sludge and chitosan, straw, elephant grass, flax and hemp, among other raw materials.

Sustainable and circular chains
Professional designers carry out material research, look at new applications for the crop and create iconic products. We develop sustainable and circular value chains around these materials that are good for the local economy, offer people a perspective on work and make the soil healthy.

Maker education
In addition, we pay attention to tailor-made training programmes in secondary and secondary vocational education in the region and we start working on circular design in higher professional education.




Where: North-East Groningen
When: 2019 – 2021
Partners: De Graanrepubliek, De Holm, Werkplein Ability, Hogeland College, Hanzehogeschool, MBO Terra, Studio Volop, Studio Simone Vermaning, Wybren Veenstra, Bloooms and Studio MARC.
Financial support: Waddenfonds, municipality Het Hogeland and Province of Groningen
Tags: local, value chain, circular, Waddengebied, UNESCO Wadden, maakplaats
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