2BE eemsdelta redesign

2BE! Eemsdelta redesign

maker education for students who get stuck in school


Sport4connect has approached us to add ‘making’ (with sustainable materials) to the course they offer to students who get stuck at school. The  course they offer contains various workshops to let the young people work on themselves, learn to work in a team and especially to gain more self-confidence. All these steps lead to continue with more training or to go to work.

Why maker education
House of Design not only stimulates the making of sustainable products, but also the process and the effect of ‘making’. We are committed to maker education for two reasons:
1. To train more people for the many hands needed to achieve a local circular economy in which sustainable products are developed and new sustainable energy systems are installed.
2. Because of what it does to the psyche. The pride of making something yourself, but also the peace you get when you work with your hands.

In addition, we notice that some talents emerge among students when they start working with their hands. Because the attention and the number of hours for manual labor has fallen significantly, the distance between head and hands has become increasingly larger. This is worrisome because some children would perform better if they could learn through their hands. The effect of this is reflected in the unease and deteriorated connections to school or work.

Local value chain model
The focus on maker education is reflected in the “knowledge & education” chain of the local value chain model. We need a lot of hands to achieve a local circular economy. In this case also literally to be able to make and implement all products from local raw materials. In this project, we use making circular products as a means to introduce young people to local sustainable materials, craftsmanship and working with their hands.

Workshop by Roegholt
We asked Gert Valkema from ROEG HOLT to set up a workshop with us in which young people learn to pimp old chairs in their own way and with their own story. They learn how you can turn something old into a beautiful product and they learn that they can do this themselves!

The project is a pilot to see how this working method is catching on with the young people and then set up a longer collaboration.


Where: Delfzijl
When: september – december 2020
Commissioned by: Sport4connect