Dwarskijkers | Craft your future


crafts and craftsmanship as a source for innovation and sustainability


Crafts – old fashioned, boring and outdated? Is that the image we have of them, or is it because we are losing their vital knowledge and wisdom to possibly mitigate issues we are currently facing? Is there anything of value to learn, for our modern-day dealings, from these crafts that have been passed on from generation to generation?

In the time of crafts, before the industrial revolution, we did not know waste. We mainly used local resources, and everything was circular. Head, hand and heart were not separated. Working with one’s hands was admired as a skill that required years of training to reach mastery. This changed at the start of the 20th century, when we separated head from hand and moved towards the mass-producing industry that allowed us to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion.

A different look at waste
We’re now in a transition where we approach waste in a new way. We see it as a valuable resource with lots of potential. But who owns the material? It’s time to rethink our revenue models. No longer are profits made from products that were not built for longevity. This is clear by now. Together with you we’d like to think and discuss new solutions for the situation we find ourselves in, during the new DWARSKIJKERS – Craft Your Future!

Three speakers will inspire us with examples about how crafts can lead to new concepts and what chances the new economy can offer us here. In the afternoon we’ll discuss how crafts as a guideline can make several perspectives more sustainable. For example, education, government, cultural institutions, corporate and creative industries.

Crafts market in Neushoorn
After this Dwarskijkers day, you’re invited to join us in Neushoorn where in cooperation with IepenUp Live a crafts market is organized. Form 20:00 hour you’re welcome to participate in the interactive live stream show, where Jacco de Boer discusses the importance of crafts.


Where: Recycle Boulevard, Voltastraat 11, Leeuwarden
Wanneer: October 10th 9-16 hours
Partners: Keunstwurk and Friesland College

Tags: crafts