Groningen ontwerpt 2018


sustainable and circular solutions for the innercity of Groningen


In 2050, the Dutch economy must be completely circular: sustainable and based on reuse. Because design can play an important role in solving this problem, House of Design will start in 2018 with a new initiative: Groningen designs. Together with designers, retailers, policy makers and researchers, we work on sustainable and circular solutions for the city of Groningen.

This year the theme is waste flows in the inner city. For retailers, packaging is a problem. Think of Styrofoam, plastic, textile, glass and cardboard. In order to provide insight into the waste flows, we asked designer Wieke Alberts to make a visualisation. In it you can see which materials there are, the quantities and what the shopkeepers do with it. This will be ready in early September.

On Sunday 7 October you will find all kinds of initiatives in the city center of Groningen concerning reuse and sustainable design in the design route. You will discover new products made from waste and residual material in the shops in Groningen.

Six designers, together with six shop owners, are researching how materials such as polystyrene foam, plastic, glass, cardboard and textiles can be reused. The designers examine solutions for the material and create a new product for the store. The results will remain visible for the entire month after 7 October.

The designers and shopkeepers working on this are: HK Living Brand Store + Egbert Pikkemaat, Stardust + Tim Simons, O’42 + Tim Vinke, KOKOTOKO + Anne Varekamp, HOLTBAR concept store + Jakobine von Domming and Laif & Nuver + Marc Paulusma.

At the Piepschuim Party you will will learn all about this material and Marc Paulusma will show a alternative scenario to process styrofaom in wich he works closely together with mealworms.


Where: binnenstad Groningen
When: 7 and 10 October 2018
Financial support: Municipality of Groningen, Het Fonds, GCC, Kunstraad Groningen, SOB and SiA / KIEM-VANG.
Partners: shopkeepers in the innercity, Hanze Hogeschool Kenniscentrum Noorderruimte and Marketing Groningen.
Tags: design, reuse, wase, circular, innercity.