Campaign image with Pyt and Fatiha

Campaign image with Pyt and Fatiha
30 June 2021 Marjan

In the photo you see Pyt Sipma and Fatiha Sharif Hasan at the mudflats in Noardeast-Fryslân. They are participating in Wad van waarde, a multi-year program with which we develop biobased and reusable alternatives for plastic products that often end up in the Wadden Sea.

Pyt grows the flax from which we make linen. He does this with three other farmers from Agrarisch collective Waadrâne. Fatiha was educated at Vanhulley, a social and circular sewing studio in Groningen. There the linen is processed into products such as boat cushions and fishing gloves.
Together we are working on a plastic-free Wadden area!

The photo was taken by Tryntsje Nauta.

You can read more about this program on our project page or on the new Wad van waarde website.