It Erfskip


social design lab developing unique Frisian souvenirs for LF2018 and others


Leeuwarden is European Capital of Culture (LF2018) in 2018. Stichting It Erfskip develops souvenirs for LF2018. The souvenirs that are made show memories of Friesland and also offer a memory to visitors of Fryslân, both in experience and in product.

Stories and memories
It Erfskip is a Social Design Lab in which creativity is developed, stories are told, innovative design products are made and memories are shared. These stories and memories of Fryslân, Frisian crafts, the landscape or a link with one of the LF 2018 programmes form the basis for a beautiful and sustainable product; a unique souvenir with a story.

Co creation
These unique souvenirs are developed in co-creation; residents of the province of Fryslân, Frisian artisans, students and professional designers from the Netherlands and abroad develop the products together. The souvenirs are made from local materials, produced in larger quantities and sold in various stores in Friesland.

House of Design
In 2016, Sjoerd Bootsma (programme leader LF2018) invited Eileen Blackmore (initiator of the House of Design) for a major brainstorming session with the subject ‘development of products from Fryslân’. The foundation for It Erfskip was laid there. House of Design is an artistic quartermaster and, within It Erfskip, it is involved in the development of workshops and it involves designers in the project.


Where: Friesland
When: March 2016 – December 2018
Partners: Culturele Hoofdstad 2018, Provincie Fryslân

  • "Products are being made that makes you a proud Frisian!" 
    Jannewietske de Vrieschairman foundation It Erfskip