3D in education


offering new, specific and professional sources to make teachers more competent and confident in 3D-thinking and 3D-doing


3D in Education is a European collaboration with the aim of making lecturers more competent and more confident in 3D thinking and doing.

A team consisting of Jonathan Keep (3D printer / potter), Anna Gunnarsson (Navet Science Center) and Eileen Blackmore (House of Design) gives intensive training in schools and introduces modern techniques for concepting, design and production.

Teachers and students from the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain and in the Netherlands –Sneek and Vlieland –w ill participate in the project. The 3D training is aimed at students aged 11 to 18 years.

Final conference
The final conference will take place on Vlieland on the 6th of June 2018 with presentations in the field of 3D modeling, 3D printing and sustainable design by Perpetual Plastic, Province of Friesland, Omrin, Navet and Prof.dr.ir. J.C. Brezet. Pupils who participated in the workshops show their work in an exhibition.


  • January 2017, Sweden: training week where participants will learn how to set up lesson plans for various subjects
  • May 2017, England: working with 3D software and 3D printing with clay
  • September 2017, Spain: craft as an impetus for 3D design
  • January 2018, Norway
  • March 2018, Finland
  • June 2018, the Netherlands: final conference


Erasmus +
The Eramsus + partnership aims to prepare schools for the challenges that 3D education entails. ‘3D in Education’ is a follow-up to the Erasmus project 3D Comenius. House of Design organised several workshops in 2012 and 2013 in which designers worked on 3D printing issues with children. We discovered that the workshop offers proper support to teachers when it comes to teaching students 3D thinking and it also offers support in the field of creative education.

The cooperation with the province of Fryslân made it possible to set up a European project with schools, designers and scientists to integrate 3D thinking and 3D printing into various lessons. The project resulted in a number of lesson plans in which 3D technology was added to the curriculum for the age group 9 to 16 and it also serves as support for teachers.





Where: England, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain and in the Netherlands .
When: 2016 – july 2018
Financial support: Erasmus +

Tags: 3D edudation, secondary schools,
Website: www.e3du.eu