Bad Nieuweschans kick-off meeting

Bad Nieuweschans kick-off meeting
6 June 2019 Bertine Aalderen, van

This week, we were in Bad Nieuweschans for the kick-off meeting of the Local Making Place that we want to set up with the cooperative the Grain Republic. It was introduction meeting where the House of Design team, the designers and the cooperative members were introduced to each other.

Oude Remise
Peter Brul showed us around the beautiful Oude Remise, where the Grain Republic is located. He provided us with information about the location, the store and the plans of the cooperative. Bakker Wiebrand told about his bakery.

Prototypes and material tests
During the evening, Eileen Blackmore gave a short presentation about House of Design, the working method and the Local Making Site project. The designers Volken de Vlas, Gerard de Hoop, Paul Bloemers and Marc Paulusma showed prototypes and material tests and told about their work. They also explained the material research they did on brick, shells, clay, straw, bamboo, styrofoam and mealworms.

Inspiring evening
Pieter Sikkema and his wife Wanda spoke about their farm and the experiments they do with different crops. In conclusion, we exchanged ideas and made initial agreements. It was a great and inspiring evening!

Later this month, we will go back to Pieter and Wanda to see the flax bloom and in August we can experience the grain harvest.