Tour the Wadden

Tour the Wadden
29 June 2019 Bertine Aalderen, van

For our project Local Making Place, we are investigating local crops and renewable raw materials that are interesting for the designers, but which also yield something for farmers and local suppliers.

Tour the Wadden
The designers are looking for materials that are suitable for making a product or semi-finished product. The farmers and suppliers require sustainable alternatives that can be used for alternating crops, are good for the soil and biodiversity or which can generate a new source of income. In this way, we ensure that several links in the chain can benefit from it.

Last week, we visited several farmers and local suppliers during the ‘Tour de Wadden’ together with the designers. It was an inspiring introduction for everyone!

Designers, farmers and suppliers
The designers who participate are: Studio Volop, Simone Larabi, Marc Paulusma and Paul Bloemers. The farmers and suppliers that we visited on 24 June are: Pieter Sikkema and Wanda Olsder, Gert Noordhoff and New Udengast. On Tuesday 25 June, we visited the Kleirijperij, Omega Green, Telson BV and Next generation Seafood.

Photography: Janna Bathoorn / Studio Stedum.
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