Toolkit Circularity Hub applied

Toolkit Circularity Hub applied
13 January 2021 Marjan

We are happy to announce that our toolkit with advice for the development and design of a Circularity Hub in Groningen is being applied.

In the coming years, the municipality will focus on boosting business models and circular applications around the waste flows b-wood and textiles, organizing the value chain around these raw materials and developing high-quality circular applications with adequete business models.

Three pilots
The municipality has also formulated three pilots together with GoudGoed, Kringloop Plus and the Professional Association of Dutch Designers. The pilots emphasize the promotion of reuse and awareness of circularity. Residents and neighborhood organizations are actively involved in this and circular applications around the flows of b-wood and textile are also being looked into.

Waste-free municipality
By 2030, the municipality of Groningen wants to be a waste-free municipality. One of the ways to contribute to this goal is the realization of a Circularity Hub. A waste and recycling station 2.0, where raw materials and products are reused as much as possible. House of Design has drawn up a toolkit with advice on promising raw materials and bussines models.