Funds for project to reduce plastic soup

Funds for project to reduce plastic soup
11 January 2021 Marjan

The Waddenfonds supports our new project ‘Wad of value’ (worktitle: Wad waste – from plastic soup to vegetable soup) with more than 300,000 euros. With this project we will work on sustainable alternatives for two products that often end up in the Wadden Sea. Together with our partners Ecoras, It Erfskip, Van Hulley and TCNN, we are developing water-degradable fishing gloves and food packaging.

Local waste
Research shows that most of the plastic waste in the Wadden Sea comes from the area itself. In a way, this is good news. After all, it means that a sustainable solution can be found and applied locally. We therefore develop the products in close consultation with, among others, the Cooperative Purchasing Fisheries Supplies and the supermarkets along the Wadden coast.

Local value chains
To manufacture the products we organize local production chains, which are good for people and the environment and are based on local strengths. With a network of local stakeholders in the field of design, materials, production & logistics, knowledge & education and the market, we work together on a sustainable manufacturing industry, which can then also be used for other biobased products.

For House of Design, this is a great next step in the transition to a local circular manufacturing industry in the Wadden area, developed using the local value chain model. It builds on the knowledge and experience we have gained with the projects Lokale Maakplaats, We gaan het meemaken and Biocup.

Wad of value is an initiative of House of Design with partners Ecoras, It Erfskip, Van Hulley and TCNN. We also work together with Circular Friesland, Friesland College, NHL Stenden, fishermen from SOLT, C.I.V. Lauwersoog and supermarkets along the Wadden coast.