‘Exchanging knowledge and experience with regard to clay’

‘Exchanging knowledge and experience with regard to clay’
8 July 2021 Bertine Aalderen, van

In the months of June and July we organised a number of work sessions for the Local Make Place project with our partners De Holm and Werkplein Ability. This served to exchange experience and knowledge in terms of the materials and techniques we use within the project and to make a start with the Local Making Places.

The theme of the session at De Holm in Den Andel was clay. It was a good run-up to the creation of a community of experts and makers who jointly shape the Maakplaats.

Experts and makers
During the session, LMP designers Wybren Veenstra and Marc Paulusma discussed their material and technology research and showed the prototypes they had made. For LMP, they made a stool from clay for the library in Leens. They are currently working on a product for the breakfast table. Wybren makes cups and dishes and Marc uses the 3D clay printer for a vase or carafe.

Eddy van der Tuin and ceramist Alie Heijnis are from Den Andel and were also present. In addition, ceramist Lies van Huet was invited to share her expertise with the group.

Mapping out clay
It became clear from the session that it would be good to map out the clay from the Wadden area. The Groningen clay is lean. It is fragile after baking. Mixing it with clay from other regions could be an option. It also became clear that the Wadden area is a rich source of inspiration. The patterns, colours and stories from the region are great elements that the designers can use in their work. In a follow-up session, they will brainstorm together about a Wadden service.

Oven and workshops
The group will soon build an outdoor oven to be able to bake clay. In addition, a workshop series will be organised. Interested parties will be able to register in due course.

Photography: Nienke Maat.