DPC Water


innovation concerning water


House of Design wants to take a step with the business community to make product development more innovative and sustainable. When a designer is involved in product demand at an early stage, this can generate a lot for the company and the environment. Design determines 80% of the costs and the environmental impact of a product is determined!

Design Pressure Cooker
The Design Pressure Cooker (DPC) has proven to be a successful method for achieving sustainable innovation. House of Design has been working with this method for several years – also in an international context – in order to make innovation tangible quickly.

The first DPC took place in December 2015 and the theme was water. Some of the questions that we focus on include: which (other) services can you offer an owner of an electric boat via the charging station? How do you make a rainwater shower? How can we stimulate the use of tap water?

What is special about this DPC is that the designer is supported by students from the Frisian Design Factory (FDA) and Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden (NHL).

De Stille Boot
Bleu Leg Monitor
Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein,
Lab Vlieland
Welcome to the Village

Frisian Design Factory
Studenten CMD van de NHL
Siebren Brouwer van Djipper
architecte Nynke-Rixt Jukema
Mirjam Janssen van Denkruim
C2C designer Christian Schüten of buro BFGF Hamburg
Jan Pieter Bode
Eddy Broekhof of Edobode
Tjeerd Veenhoven


Where: In the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden
When: 10th of December 2015
Partners: Frisian Design Factory, Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein, NHL.

  • 'This wouldn't have happened when we would have worked with people in our own discipline, it would have taken months!'  
    Employee UMCG
  • 'Because of the Design Pressure Cooker, our team has gone another direction entirely. This resulted in an overall improved product'
    H. HarskampHarskamp Rooftops