Design XPO


A design event with the aim to offer design and designers a platform

House of Design organised the DesignXPO event every year to give design and designers a podium. Every edition of DesignXPO involves a different group of partners. House of Design joins forces with these partners to offer an interesting and varied programme.

Open Design Days
The Open Design Days are a fixed part of the programme. Designers open their studio or workplace to the public to show what they make and how their designs come about. The routes of the Open Design Days take the public along the participating designers and design stores. These routes can be travelled on foot, by bike or by car. In addition, new products by designers are on display in various exhibition spaces along the route.


DesignXPO Groningen – 2014
Theme: Craft and Craftsmanship
DesignXPO Fryslan – 2013
DesignXPO Groningen – 2013
Theme: Biobased Design
Design in Groningen – 2011
Theme: The perspectives of design: design, materials and technology
Design in Groningen – 2010
Theme: Sustainable design
Design & architecture route – 2008
Design & architecture route – 2007


Waar: Noord Nederland (Friesland en Groningen
Wanneer: 2007 – 2015
Met wie/partners: Groninger City Club, Gemeente Groningen, Marketing Groningen, horeca en winkeliers woonwinkels Groningen