Beestreet in the press

Beestreet in the press
28 September 2018 Bertine Aalderen, van

The BeeStreet will open in Leeuwarden on Saturday 15 September. It is a project aimed at the greening of inner cities, for people and bees. It provides a solution to heat stress and rainwater storage. But most of all it creates a cosy and pleasant street!

Water wall
The photo shows the Water Wall, an example of vertical rainwater storage that can be mounted on blind walls and requires little space. But there are also various plants, herbs, fruit bushes and small trees that local entrepreneurs maintain themselves. And there is a fountain where you can fill your water bottle.

The initiative is received favourably in the press. You can read the articles via the links below.

Leeuwarder Courant: ‘BeeStreet om regenwater op te slaan tegen hittestress’

Friesch Dagblad: ‘Met groen en wateropvang de hittestress te lijf.’

Photograph: Hoge Noorden, Jacob van Essen.

BeeStreet is part of the Smart Leeuwarden project.