Meet Thomas

Meet Thomas
25 April 2019 Marjan

We introduced two trainees a while ago, but there is another one! Thomas Loderus is studying communication & multimedia design at NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden. He will work on various projects at House of Design until the summer. Below a brief introduction!

Why did you choose House Of Design to do your internship?
House of Design has worked with my university on several occasions and the assignments that I carried out in the past were often associated with House of Design and Eileen Blackmore. When I got to know her better and learned what House of Design stands for, I asked if I could do my internship there.

What assignment are you working on?
I do a little bit of everything during my internship. For another foundation that Eileen is associated with – It Erfskip – I tell the stories behind the products. In collaboration with designers and people who live in Friesland, It Erfskip creates products that tell and spread the story of Friesland. I want to offer these stories a clear platform.

What do you hope to learn?
I visit many different places when working with Eileen. I learn a lot about what happens behind the scenes in a project, but also what it takes to make a success of a project. My network has grown considerably since the start of my internship and I only get to know more new people. In between projects I work on my soft skills, such as working with 3D software, both print and design. I hope to be able to apply these skills in subsequent projects.