New initiative: Groningen ontwerpt

New initiative: Groningen ontwerpt
3 October 2018 Marjan

Designroute and EPS Party with sustainable alternatives for the innercity of Groningen.

On Sunday October 7th you will find all kinds of iniatives concerning reuse and sustainable design in the innercity of Groningen. You will discover new product made of waste in the nicest shops of Groningen. And you are very welcome at the EPS Party on the Vismarkt. Bring your own EPS!

New initiative
In 2050 the Dutch economy has to be completely circulair; sustainable and based on reuse. Because design can play a important role in solving this issue, House of Design is starting a new initiative: Groningen ontwerpt. Together with designers, entrepeneurs, policy makers and researchers we will work on sustainable and circulair solutions for the innercity of Groningen.

Waste in the innercity
This year the theme is ‘waste in the innercity’. For shopowners packiging is a big problem. For example EPS, plastic, textile, cardboard or glas.

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