3 ideas for ‘Toukomst’

3 ideas for ‘Toukomst’
31 March 2020 Marjan

Nationaal Programma Groningen is searching for local initiatives for the future (toukomst) of Groningen. We have submitted three projects: Maak je toekomst (Craft your future), Lokale Maakplaats (Local Making place) en Lokale waardeketen (Local value chain).

For us ‘Toukomst’ means: a vibrant local and circulair economy, where (young) people have a chance to work and in which we make sure the soil and climate are healthy. And to make local products that make us feel proud. You can pick your favourite(s) till April 1st.

Here are our three ideas (link to dutch text):

Maak je toekomst / Craft your future

Lokale Maakplaats / Local Making Place

Lokale waardeketen / Local value chain