‘Grunneger Woaterkop’ wins open call

‘Grunneger Woaterkop’ wins open call
10 October 2020 Marjan

With his ‘Grunneger Woaterkop’ Ditmar van Dam is the winner of the open call for Climate Adaptive Artwork.

Meet the four meter high Woaterkop Gezina-Christina. The first of its kind that shows that you can make water from air. You can season her with plants and she will provide a delicious, climate-neutral, Groningen thirst quencher for free.

The jury is pleased that the Groninger blaarkop is getting a green, climate-adaptive sister. The CO2 and nitrogen neutral cow that can make water from air: ‘We think it is an original entry, in which art and innovation are used in an educational way and thus it stimulates inspiration and awareness.” – “You don’t just pass by, this is innovative!’

In November, December and January, Gezina-Christina travels fossil-free through the province of Groningen. The open call is an initiative of Climate Adaptation Groningen and House of Design.

The Grunneger Woaterkop
new Groninger cow breed for dry times

The Groninger blaarkop has a green, climate-adaptive sister, the Grunneger Woaterkop. But we should call her big sister, because this new CO2 and nitrogen neutral variety can grow up to a height of fifteen meters! In a number of years, there will be robust Woaterkoppen grazing in the countryside to make water out of sky and trees. Water that can be used for flowering even in dry periods to water fertile land in order to feed people and animals.

De Woaterkop uses an important cycle on earth, the water cycle. Where the rainwater that trees and plants suck up from the ground normally evaporates into clouds and thus ‘disappears’, this moist air is collected in the Woaterkop through a small sub-cycle and immediately condensed to water. This way, in the future during drought, trees with deep roots can provide for the watering of vegetation with superficial roots and failed vegetable harvests can be prevented.

Ditmar van Dam
Ditmar van Dam is an industrial product designer, engineer and coffee specialist and runs his own industrial design and engineering office for already 15 years. He has designed and developed medical machines, pancake machines, inflatables for public spaces, an interactive shaving game and much more. In recent years he has focused on cradle to cradle design and comes up with the most sustainable coffee machines.