A visit to Werkplein Ability

A visit to Werkplein Ability
12 March 2021 Marjan

This morning we visited Werkplein Ability in Uithuizen with designers Wybren Veenstra and Marc Paulusma. This organization is a combination of the former work-learning company Ability, Sociale Zaken en Werk Hoogeland and Werkplein Noord-Groningen. A perfect partner for our project Local Making Place to increase production possibilities and to look together at the circular challenge that lies ahead.

We were given a tour of the workshops for wood, steel and textile. Various products are made, for example: clothes hangers, bread boards, screens, laptop holder for standing, benches for the caravan and upholstery for benches and chairs. Products are also packed.

Together we will investigate how we can work on a circular manufacturing industry in the Wadden area. The knowledge and experience of Ability is indispensable in this.

Here a few images of our visit: