Local value chain for the circularity hub

Local value chain for the circularity hub
1 November 2019 Bertine Aalderen, van

Saturday 2 November you will find us at the Grote Markt in the Circularity hub. You can recognise us by the t-shirt!

Circularity Hub
We will be happy to tell you more about what we call the local value chain. The municipality has asked us to apply this model for the Circularity Hub. The municipality of Groningen wants to be a circular municipality when it comes to household waste by the year 2025. Setting up a Circularity Hub can make an important contribution in this regard: a waste delivery station 2.0, where raw materials and products are reused to the greatest possible extent. One Circular Hub where companies, education, circular entrepreneurs and the creative sector innovate for a waste-free municipality.

Local value chain
We call it a local value chain because we link the links in the production chain to the impact on the environment and society and we use the strengths of the region. The values ​​that we want to influence with the model include less waste, biodiversity, reduction of CO2 emissions, promotion of local pride and employment and new revenue models. In the local value chain, it is important that the links are situated within a radius of 100 kilometres are as far as possible, so that the impact is directly related to the region. The waste streams that we will initially focus on are b-grade wood, scrap iron and textiles.

More information
More about our local value chain model and its application for the circularity hub: click here for the brochure and for an explanation of the key links in the local value chain click here (Dutch only).

Below you will find the model developed by Eileen Blackmore: