Kraanvogel collects rainwater

Kraanvogel collects rainwater
24 October 2020 Marjan

Designer Marc Paulusma, together with House of Design, proudly presents ‘Kraanvogel’, a promotional gift made of bioplastic commissioned by the Vallei en Veluwe Water Authority. With this innovative design they  water authority wants to create awareness and inspire their relations to collect rainwater.

Marc: “The gift, in the shape of a crane, acts like a gargoyle like you still find on old churches. For this assignment, I modernized it to collect water. The crane is a large seasonal bird that lands and sometimes breeds in the Netherlands, especially in the Veluwe. ”

Application and material
The design can be attached to a downspout, so that the rainwater can be directed to a rain barrel or to the garden. It is 3D-printed from bioplastics (PHA) and coated with a biobased coating. The manual is printed on seed paper and the packaging is made from recycled clothing. The packaging can also serve as a plant pot in which you can grow the seeds from the manual.

House of Design connects
The request for the design of a promotional gift came to House of Design through Paul van Eijk. He is program leader of the Vallei en Veluwe water Authority and professor of sustainable water in environmental law at Van Hall Larenstein. Paul approached us because of our experience with PHA / PHBV from wastewater in previous projects such as Biobased cup.
He wanted a promotional gift made of bioplastic, but also a product that would encourage people to collect rainwater. This is how the idea arose for a gargoyle, preferably 3D-printed.
House of Design approached Marc Paulusma from Studio Marc for the design and realization. Van Hulley made the packaging from recycled textile and Fablab Groningen printed the design with PHA filament.