An annual designfestival in the city centre of Groningen.

Inner cities must respond to the changing behavior of the consumer. We recognise the so-called multichannel behavior of consumers; changing sales channels at all stages of the purchasing process. A store is a place for information, guidance and temptation. The public wants to experience and see special unique products. House of Design responds to this with the shared store concept during Wonen(Living) in Groningen.

Living in Groningen is attractive for the retailer, the designer and the public. The store receives extra attention through the unique products of the local designers. For the designer, it is an opportunity to present products and get feedback from the buyers. By following the route, the public discovers new stores and new products. ‘

During the event you can discover what Groningen has for lovers of interior and product design. Creation processes and thoughts are covered in workshops, interior advice, designer presentations, exhibitions and demonstrations. Wonen in Groningen has a different theme every year.

Living in Groningen is an annual route through shops in the center of Groningen

Edition 5 Local – 1 October 2017
Edition 4 Food and eating design – 1 & 2 October 2016
Edition 3 Designers present work – 3 & 4 October 2015
Edition 2 Designers present work – 4 & 5 October 2014
Edition 1 Designers present work – 5 & 6 October 2013



Where: Inner city Groningen
When: 2013 – present
With whom / partners: Groninger City Club, Municipality of Groningen, Marketing Groningen, restaurants, cafes and retailers in Groningen
Website: www.wonen-in-groningen.nl


  • "It was a very nice day, blue skies, happy people and a lot of beautiful products in the finest stores of Groningen. We had so many positive reactions!"
    Eileen BlackmoreHouse of Design