Craft your future


traditional crafts and new techniques in a circulair economy


Craft your Future is an Erasmus+ project in which three regions – Friesland (NL), Gabrovo (BG), Catalonia (ES)- work together to create a sustainable future by combining craftsmanship, circular economy and digital tools.

The project unites educational institutions, students, local authorities, creative centres and (social) businesses in creating a strategy that helps regions use intangible cultural heritage to increase their attractiveness, boost local economies and build a future based on regional resources.

House of Design is involved because of our knowledge on circular economy. We link contacts of previous EU projects and are responsible of setting up a toolkit of the project that will be shared to other regions after the project has ended.

The regions in the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Spain bear a wealth of intangible heritage, such as traditions, knowledge of old crafts and social networks. What all regions have in common as well is waste. It has become essential to create a circular economy in which the reuse of products and raw materials is maximized and their value destruction minimized. In the next three years the students wil examine whether the advancing technology and trends can help revitalize old crafts using waste as raw material.

During the project the student are in the lead. The rise of youth unemployment in the EU underlines the necessity to spark a dynamic and positive attitude among young people towards enterprising behavior, networking skills and pro-activity. Learning by doing and educating students to take initiative and investigate opportunities themselves, rather than waiting for others to take the initiative, will increase employability.



Where: Netherlands, Bulgaria, Spain
When: September 2018 – September 2021
Partners NL: Friesland College (D’Drive) and Learning Hub Friesland
Financial support: Erasmus+
Tags: craftsmanship, circular economy, digital tools, Europe, changemaker, education