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House of Design

House of Design wants to stimulate the creativity and innovative power of designers. We operate from the conviction that professional designers have the tools to make a futureproof world. Through their ingenuity, they form the foundation of a sustainable society.

Working on innovation with the Frisian Design Factory

The maker movement in De Marne

Innovation with textile

By: admin on 2016-02-11

On February 5th, House of Design collaborated for the second time with the Frisian Design Factory in organizing a Design Pressure Cooker at the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden. This time their client was Omrin, a waste management company that is active in the north of The Netherlands. Main issues for Omrin: how can we recycle as much textile as possible, and how can we try to make more people find their way to Estafette (a chain of resale shops owned by Omrin). 


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Gratis workshops over kennisbescherming van RVO

By: admin on 2016-01-19

Wil je meer weten over het beschermen of het geheimhouden van je product? Of wil je weten hoe je met octrooi-informatie tijd en geld kunt besparen? Octrooicentrum Nederland geeft hierover verschillende kosteloze workshops.

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Training: Fair & Green Design

By: admin on 2016-01-05
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design pressure cooker about water inspirational for entrepeneur

By: admin on 2015-12-13
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01/07 2011 - 01/07 2016   Dutchville | Feel the City
12/02 2016 - 14/02 2016   OBJECT Rotterdam 2016
19/02 2016 - 19/02 2016   Deadline European Design Awards 2016

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04/02 2016 - 18/02 2016

new life for old jeans - Blue loop originals

Blue Loop Originals is a Dutch fashion brand that gives life to worn out jeans. They use the fibres into yarn of which they design a special collection for ladies and gentlemen.

One of their products is the fishermen sweater, well known because of the book from Stella Ruhe.