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Two new designs in Odesi collection

By: Odesi on 2014-10-30

Odesi presenteert twee nieuwe ontwerpen in hun collectie. De Tracks, een karpet van 100% zuiver scheerwol. En de lamp Lighthouse, een ingenieus nieuw bouwwerk van ontwerper Daniel Hulsbergen. 

(Sorry, for now Dutch only)


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Groninger Design represented during Dutch Design Week 2014

By: Tjeerd Veenhoven - Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven on 2014-10-21

Past saturday the thirteenth edition of Dutch Design Week started. 

Dutch Design Week offers designers an international platform and introduces the public to the infinite possibilities of design in a setting with a festival feel.

Following ‘Now future’ in 2013, DDW has opted for a theme that provides clear direction but, at the same time, leaves space for individual interpretation. ‘UP’ expresses a direction, a movement and a feeling.

We are proud to see Groninger Design represented!


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15/06 2014 - 23/11 2014   Marga Weimans Fashion House
25/04 2014 - 31/12 2014   Fair Fashion Lab
01/07 2011 - 01/07 2016   Dutchville | Feel the City

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Dutch Design Week at Design Academy Eindhoven

By: admin on 2014-10-27

During Dutch Design Week 2014 the Master Graduates are showing work from the programmes; Contextual Design, Social Design, Information Design, Design Curating and Writing. We're showing an selection of a couple designs. Design Academy Eindhoven has so much good designers. We made a mini-report of it!

Below you see Revealing Beauty, a bodysuit that is made to highlight how or bodies have become objects that we alter at will. All around the world we live up to a certain beauty ideal. But this differs every culture. What they have in common? Katja van Heugten gives the answer to that.


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Sundau the 26th of October popup Volken de Vlas in the Watertower because of 10 years Wonen en co

By: admin on 2014-10-15

Design op hoog niveau!

10 jaar Volken de Vlas in de Bovenkamer van Groningen, de nieuwe locatie van House of Design

Zondag 26 oktober van 12 tot 18 uur - Noorderbinnensingel 14, Groningen 

Wonen en co bestaat 10 jaar en House of Design viert mee! 
In samenwerking met Wonen&co organiseert House of Design een korte en krachtige tentoonstelling van de ontwerper Volken de Vlas.

In deze popup tentoonstelling zie je de wandeling van het werk van Volken hoe hij vanuit een vaas van tennisrackets tot prachtige designlampen en tafels met een twist is gekomen.


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SusLab Mid Term Event

By: admin on 2014-10-10
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