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Platform for (self)producing designers: furniture, product, interior, jewelry, object and small architecture. 

Announcement: Designer of the Season #4

By: Albert Geertjes on 2015-05-28

English soon:

Na Albert Geertjes en Tjeerd Veenhoven is het tijd voor Gert-Jan Soepenberg om op 6 juni om 17:00 uur de titel “Ontwerper van het Seizoen” over te dragen aan de Ontwerper van het Seizoen #4.

Hierbij aanwezig zijn? Meld je voor 2 juni aan en krijg een exclusieve preview van de presentatie die Soepenberg samen met de nog te onthullen ontwerper heeft ingericht voor De Nacht van Kunst en Wetenschap.

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Concept Store FOLK reopened!

By: Anne Varekamp on 2015-05-26

The Folkingestraat in Groningen is awarded with the title of best shopping street in the Netherlands. This was reason enough for Anne Varekamp and Tim Vinke, two designers, to re-open concept store FOLK. This time no temporary 'pop-up store' as before, but a permanent store.


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George van Engelen exhibits at Focke Museum Bremen

By: George van Engelen Design on 2015-05-12

Friend of House of Design, George van Engelen, exhibits at the Focke Museum in Bremen from the 24th of April until the 14th of June. He has been nominated for the Auguste Papendieck award, and along with the other nominees, you can see his work at the exhibition. The Focke Museum focuses in particular on contemporary artisan art. And as one of the largest regional museums, the Focke museum is also combining historical collections with the latest developments in outstanding exhibitions.






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Exhibition Tjeerd Veenhoven at Yksi Expo

By: Tjeerd Veenhoven - Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven on 2015-05-07

The exhibition 'Wishful thinking, Wishful doing' by Tjeerd Veenhoven takes place at Yksi Expo Eindhoven from the 23th of May until the 27th of September.


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Upcoming Events:

03/06 2015 - 05/06 2015   Design District Zaandam
06/06 2015 - 07/06 2015   the Night of Art & Science
11/06 2015 - 14/06 2015   DMY Berlin

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Current Events:

30/05 2015 - 14/06 2015   EXHIBITION Koffie Goed
23/05 2015 - 20/06 2015   Exhibition - First Course at SIGN
11/04 2015 - 01/11 2015   Werkman 2015

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House of Design during the Night of Art and Science Groningen

By: admin on 2015-05-27

De Nacht van de Kunst en Wetenschap (Night of Art and Science) on Saturday the 6th of June gives visitor an interactive journey through art and science in Groningen. House of Design is represented at two different locations.


Gert-Jan Soepenberg carries on his title of ‘Designer of the Season’ to a new designer of his choice.

Studio Bij Josse - lights

Furthermore, we present 3D printed objects to show what this technique has to offer in the field of craftsmanship.



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Vredeman de Vries Award for Design 2015

By: admin on 2015-05-26

The Vredeman de Vries Award for Design is an award set by the Province of Fryslân which is awarded once every two years. This year, the jury nominated 8 designs out of 53 entries. The winner will be announced on the 5th of June at 16:00 in the provincial house of the Province of Fryslân.


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DesignXPO, in 2015, promises the visitor: Craftsmanship of the 21st century

By: admin on 2015-05-21
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15/02 2015 - 06/06 2015

Designer of the Season #3 | Atelier Gert-Jan

Gert-Jan Soepenberg is a Dutch product designer and interior architect working from Groningen (NL). “My designs are statements for quality products. They possess a crafted and industrial honesty." 


In the following three months you will find news about Atelier Gert-Jan, right here. New products, pursuits and new materials which he’s experimenting with!


28/05 2015 - 04/06 2015

Night of Art & Science

During the Night of Arts & Science in Groningen, on the 6th of June, visitors will be taken on an interactive journey filled with surprising encounters between art and science. You can enjoy lectures, workshops, exhibitions, debates, scientific experiments, music, theatre, dance and unique performances dedicated to art and science.