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House of Design

House of Design wants to stimulate the creativity and innovative power of designers. We operate from the conviction that professional designers have the tools to make a futureproof world. Through their ingenuity, they form the foundation of a sustainable society.

Working on innovation with the Frisian Design Factory

The maker movement in De Marne

Internship at House of Design

Biomimicry at Nacht van de Kunst en Wetenschap

By: admin on 2016-05-23

Nature is a source of inspriation for designer and innovators. Well known examples are valcro and the work of the Wright brothers (aircrafts).

House of Design shows the strength of biomimicry - nature inspired design - with short presentations and workshops from designers Ingrid de Pauw (IDEAL&CO) and Mickey Schepers (TU Delft).


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Project Souvenirs starts with design workshop

By: admin on 2016-05-12

During the first workshop volunteers, designers and artists worked on souvenirs for Leeuwarden 2018. Several techniques were used; drawing, knitting, braiding willow, 3D drawing and 3D printing. 

The workshop was in the Oosterstraat in Leeuwarden. 

House of Design is artistic coordinator, develops workshops and involves designers for the project Souvenirs.


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SAVE THE DATE: Wonen in Groningen 2016

By: admin on 2016-04-21
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Join us to design the future!

By: admin on 2016-03-09
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01/07 2011 - 01/07 2016   Dutchville | Feel the City
12/05 2016 - 01/10 2016   Dirk Vander Kooij: Master of the New Craft
01/06 2016 - 03/06 2016   Design District 2016

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03/06 2016 - 06/06 2016

Over de Vloed: Probably the Longest Festival in the World

A festival that stretches out over 55 miles? It exists! From 3-5 June, Festival Over de Vloed celebrates the fact there is a new cycle path between Lauwersoog en Nieuw Statenzijl, by organizing lots and lots of activities nearby and around this 55-miles-long path called 'Kiek over Diek'. An impressive website is the perfect start for organizing your visit to the festival.


Festival Over de Vloed

3 - 5 June, 2016

Location: up and around the dyke between Lauwersoog en Nieuw Statenzijl